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Preparing Your Home for Sale

tips for selling your home

Preparing your home for sale

First Impressions
Before making an appointment to view your home many potential purchasers will visit the area and view the property from the road.

Depending on the “Kerb Appeal” they may or may not make that appointment. A bit of effort with small and in-expensive improvements can make a significant difference.

Paint the wall, mend the fence, cut the grass, clean the gutters, weed the flower bed, sweep the path, hide the wheelie bin. All these minor improvements help to make your home more inviting. Stand at the gate and look in, stand at the door and look out. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Does this property look tatty and neglected or does it look cherished and well maintained ?


Inside your home should be clean, bright and clutter free. Clean the place from top to bottom getting rid of redundant gadgets, broken furniture, anything that is taking up valuable space. A good clear-out will make the rooms look more spacious. There should be enough space for people to walk through your home un-hindered yet adequate furniture and effects to convey each room’s purpose.

The cleaner your home is the more inviting it will be. Remember, those viewing have to imagine themselves living in this space. In particular, kitchens and bathrooms should be squeaky clean. Simple improvements such as painting a ceiling, re-grouting tile work, fitting a new shower curtain, changing taps or replacing broken door handles will make a significant difference.

A property which is welcoming and well maintained will always win favor with the prospective purchaser.

Bright and Airy

Natural light is always a winner with home buyers. Windows should be sparkling clean with curtains fully opened in order to make the space as bright as possible.

 If necessary, cut back overgrown hedges or tress which may be blocking the natural light from entering the house. Just as the smell of home made bread and freshly brewed coffee make your home more welcoming, lingering and un-pleasant odors will have an adverse effect on the potential buyer.

If decorating, use neutral colours. Neutral colors make the room look bigger and brighter. Neutral colors sell.


Your potential purchaser may or may not be a pet lover. Regardless of their preference, pets should be outside the home during viewings.


Although not always feasible, if possible it is better to vacate the property during viewings. Those viewing will be more relaxed and better able to assess the property if the home owner is not present. Remember we want to sell, so we make the viewing as pleasant and stress free for the prospective purchaser as we can.


You want to get the best possible price for your property, We want to get that price for you.

It is vital to have a realistic guide price for your property. If you value it too high, you will have few viewings if any. If you value too low, the price achieved may be too low. Farrell Bros. Auctioneering are best placed to guide you through this process.

Other considerations

Appoint a solicitor to look after the legal formalities associated with the sale.Before marketing your property you must have a Building Energy Rating (BER) carried out on the property. Farrell Bros. can recommend suitably qualified assessors for your area.

As obliged, your Estate Agent should put in place a Letter of Engagement outlining all relevant details pertaining to the services being provided, fees charged etc. Make sure you have a copy of this document.

Choosing a sales agent

Throughout the sales process you will have considerable dealings with your selling agent so it is very important to make the correct choice. Speak to different agents, invite them to your home and familiarize yourself with the selling process. Let them appraise the property, advise on marketing, value and sales strategy.

Don’t be fooled by the agent suggesting the highest value or the lowest fee.

In order to sell the price needs to be realistic. The property with the exaggerated price tag is generally the one which doesn’t sell. Choose an agent who is a good communicator, someone that will relate well with potential buyers just as you want them to relate to you. Choose someone of integrity and professionalism, a member of a recogonized body such as The Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers (IPAV).

Most important, trust your instinct. Choose the agent that makes you feel comfortable, the one you believe you can trust, the agent you know will have your best interests at heart, the one that will work hardest to ensure the experience is as effective and rewarding as it can be….. Choose Farrell Bros. Auctioneering.